Architectural Review Policies
 Welcome to the Sawgrass Community Architectural Review page!
The Architectural Review Process oversees the review and/or approval of Owner proposed construction and/or modifications with respect to the environment, safety, harmony of external design, color and location in relation to surrounding structures and topography and conformity with the design concept for the community. 
Currently, there are two Architectural Review processes in place for our community:  
  • one for Single Family Home Owners [implemented by a Committee called the ARC],
  • one for Condo Owners [implemented by the Condo Board].
The ARC concentrates on Single Family Homes, while requests from Condo Owners will be handled by the Condo Board. This page contains important information that will help direct you to the right place.
The ARC helps Single Family Home Owners to pursue their proposed modifications and comply with:
For the Single Family Home Owners, we created a new streamlined process that is electronic, transparent and responsive. If you want to see the new process spelled out on one page, please click Single Family Home ARC Process.
The Condo Board helps Condo Owners to pursue their proposed modifications.  Condo Owners can contact the Condo Board here.