Login in Help
Your member access to the website is as follows:
Your username is typically your email address.
When you first enter the website, you will be required to update your password. Once that’s done, you will have access to all the site’s features that are restricted to members.
After requesting your password an email will be sent to your email address that includes instructions for changing your password. 
We also strongly encourage you to click on Your Profile to:
(1) validate the information we pre-populated for you
(2) establish the information you wish to include or exclude from the Owner Directory.
Please carefully note the following:
The Owner Directory is visible only to other members of the community who are logged onto the website. As initially configured, the Owner Directory will automatically include your name, Sawgrass address, and email. You may change this visibility in your Sawgrass Profile.
To add another family member, simply click on “add an additional level 2 members” appearing on the bottom of Your Profile page. They will automatically receive an email conveying their own logon access to the website.
For many homes, Sawgrass has multiple points of contact, and when possible, we tried to create log-in accesses for joint owners. However, since our website also supports online voting, only one contact can be designated as the “level 1” individual empowered to submit an online ballot within your home. Other individuals in your home are “associated” with that primary contact and are not designated to vote.
In closing, the website includes access to key Documents and Policies, along with information about our board and committee leadership, plus services specifically benefiting owners.
Contact Us to send questions or pose concerns.