Resident Advisory Committee
Starting in August 2019 a Resident Advisory Committee was formed. This committee helps the community move through transition from a Declarant Board to a full Homeowner Association Board, which will occur when 75% of the homes have settled within the Sawgrass community. The timing for this transition is anticipated in late 2019. The RAC will serve as guidance for ongoing Sawgrass issues. The meetings of this committee shall be open to homeowners as to support transparency of the transition process.  The members of this committee are the following residents:
Committee Chairman
Robert Mills
Committee Members
Tony Capone  
Ken Jeske  
Cindy Lukenda  
David McKiernan  
Sandra Oropel  
Michael Rafferty  
Dottie Stackhouse  
Minutes 11/1/2019                    Minutes 9/6/2019              Minutes 8/23/2019